Alternative Dispute Solutions

Who is Alternative Dispute Solutions?

Alternative Dispute Soltuions (ADS) specializes in a variety of services, our forté is commercial mediation, internal church and church-related mediation, as well as divorce mediation (family law Рmaintenance duty, education, etc.) and conflict management of organizations or businesses.

We provide and guarantee our clients an impartial mediation and facilitation process without any prejudice to support them in:

  • Define possible problems or disputes;
  • Preventing or resolving disputes;
  • Manage conflict;
  • Negotiate contracts; and
  • Formulate company / organizational policies.

Our mediation process is characterized by the following mediation principles:

  • No prejudice;
  • A flexible and informal process;
  • A process determined by the parties;
  • A process where the parties control the content and outcome of the process;
  • A cheaper process than other forms of dispute resolution and litigation;
  • A process with relatively high settlement rates;
  • A process that saves time; and
  • The ability to save relationships.

ADS wants to provide you with the best possible mediation and conflict management services by supporting you in identifying and resolving problems and disputes. Through mediation, our clients are empowered to develop and investigate various possible solutions to a situation itself.