Drills & Grips

Who is Drills & Grips?

Drills and Grips Pty Ltd is a privately owned, South African company that designs and manufactures safety and practical equipment.  Drills and Grips previously Easy Drill was established in the early 90’s by Mr. Eddie Bekker.

In 1992 Mr. Bekker designed the ladder grip as a safety device, after he read about a person who was fatally injured in a ladder accident.

The ladder grip was patented in 1996 and was originally made out of steel. It was later decided to use 6082 aluminium as it is a very lite, but strong material.  Two other products that were manufactured by the company was the Trappie (Step) and the Stabilizer.

These products were entered in numerous local as well as overseas shows, where it won a couple of prestigious awards like a Gold Key Award at the Institute of Inventors and Innovators and a silver medal as the invention of the year.

The company was excited to introduce a new device, the Easy Hand Auger drill.  This device is used to manually drill a hole through a wooden pole.  The advantages of this device is that the hole will always be straight and in the center of the pole.  Different drill bit sizes can be used and range from 10mm – 22mm.

Mr. E. Bekker decided to go on retirement in June 2018 and the proudly new owner of Drills and Grips Pty Ltd is Mr. Danie Prinsloo.

We also introduced another product, the Pole Stamper which is used to compact the ground around the pole that is planted. The pole stamper is designed to fit in the hole between the pole and the solid ground.