Pro-Practicum School

Who is Pro-Practicum School?

The first special school in the West Rand was opened on 8 August 1955 on Tornado Square, Georginia in Roodepoort.  The 87 learners were transported with two buses from Kocksoord and Krugersdorp.  With the establishment of a bus service from Albertskroon, the number of learners went up to 156 the next day. All these learners came from special classes in main stream schools.  The staff consisted of 7 teachers and an acting Headmaster.  With the conclusion of classes from Foutainebleau and Ferndale the number of learners went up to 323.  All these learners were transported by buses.  These learners could not go to Geoginia School.  Therefore learners West of Florida were sent to the old “Burger Hoërskool” (Touleier School) – recently Roodepark School.

On 30 January 1961 the learners from Florida up to Venterspost, all went to the Old Krugersdorp West English Medium School.  The School board named this school “Inspan”.  There were 147 learners enrolled with 9 staff members which included the Headmaster.