Me-Em Wholeness Centre

Who is Me-Em Wholeness Centre?

As a previous owner of an award winning 5-star Spa and Boutique hotel, I realized how many artificial ingredients are added in skin care products. ….

With this knowledge and first-hand experience in mind I designed my own exclusive range. What a privilege to use my own plant materials, blended with only the purest essential and carrier oils,enjoying the feedback of happy clients.

Me-Em’s Wholeness Centre and Day Spa provides a product with great value for money, excellent results and loved by all her clients.

After 8 years I am not only enjoying a growing business, but as a reward I hear on a regular basis how ME-EM body range give results in the areas of eczema, cellulite, sleeplessness, stiff and painful muscles, stretch marks, cracked heals, restless legs, hair loss, hair lice, dry skin, depression, sinusitis, poor blood circulation, menstrual pain, scars ect.

Don’t miss out on this lifetime opportunity, NOT ONLY to spoil and pamper yourself and your clients with a gift from NATURE….. but also a product that will assure GREAT value for money AND visible results.