Forsman Panelbeaters was founded in 1992 although the Close Corporation was only registered in January 1996.

We acquired a premises and constructed offices and a workshop to meet our specific requirements which is located at 2 Elsenbrook Street, Potch Industria, Potchefstroom.

Since the founding of Forsman Panelbeaters, we have been constantly growing and have become a well known name in the auto body repair industry, associated with quality and friendliness.

Forsman Panelbeaters will maintain a competitive advantage through quality control. We will continually work to improve the value of our offerings, through improving service quality, superior workmanship and friendliness, as a basis for maintaining and growing our customer base as our market matures and becomes increasingly competitive.

We strive to offer each customer excellent service and convenience through personal attention, which is why Forsman Panelbeaters is not only a well known name in Potchefstroom, but in the greater North-West area as well.