Westfields Primary School

Who is Westfields Primary?

To Persevere and Succeed

To create environment in which the culture of learning flourishes, underpinning the values or moral and social accountability as well as the values of self-discipline while realising the full potential of the learner by providing a sound academic foundation.

To educate children and to guide them towards fulfilling their potential in the following areas:

  • Life Skills:
    – nurturing of mutual respect and loyalty between parent, learner and educator.
    – instilling the values of self-discipline and personal accountability for one’s actions.
  • Academic:
    – creating a culture of learning and involving the learner in the academic process.
    – understanding theory and implementing knowledge attained in a practical way.
  • Social:
    – ensuring that personal interaction is conducted in such a way that individual and group potential is realised.
    – encouraging respect and tolerance to one another


Westfields is a primary school which serves The Carletonville Community.