Potchefstroom Fire Protection Association

Who is Potchefstroom Fire Protection Association?

The Potchefstroom Fire Protection Association originated from the then “Civil Protection”, which changed later to “Disaster Management”. In 2005, we integrated the Fire Protection Association into Disaster Management. We must make it clear that the PFPA does not function under the auspices of the municipal disaster management, but it is a private group of people who are in need of our fellow human beings.

The Potchefstroom Fire Protection Association (PFPA ) operates under the Field and Forest Fires Act (Act 101 of 1998), which is bound by a very good constitution, constitution and a set of rules and regulations. Our main goal is proactive action to prevent field fires as well as actions during and post-active action after a field fire.

We also incorporate private companies such as “Working on Fire” to help us with the pressing of their international capabilities to fight fires by means of Ground teams and the most important are probably their air support through their Huey helicopters and water bommers.

We also work closely together in many other areas with state and semi state institutions. The SAPS, SANDF, NW University, Rheinmetal Munitions etc. We help ensure the safety of our people, help with flood relief, car accidents, etc.

In addition, we also focus on especially our youth and offer a lot of activities to socialize our young people for the greater calling in our organization.