About GSD

GSD Potch was founded in February 2001 by John Cloete and Ralph Kleinschmidt.

At that time web development was only in reach of corporate companies and selected people. We saw the opportunity and we trained to start this new industry and since 2001 GSD Potch started web development. 

We started with a BANG with Aardklop 2002 (a very successful arts event held in Potchefstroom) we were exposed to this industry in a matter of days.

Ralph Kleinschmidt resigned as partner in 2003 and John Cloete was the sole owner of GSD until July 2009 when Eldi Cloete signed up as his new partner.

We were blessed to have Riaan van Breda as partner from September 2006 until June 2007 as he was a true asset to GSD Potch regarding our servers and our ways ahead. We will always be grateful of his valuable input in that short time.

We are proud to say that we are one of the largest web development companies in our province. We have created more than 500 websites in the past 19 years. Our client base on our servers are over 22 000 e-mail accounts and growing by the week. 

GSD Potch operated from 99 Molen Street in the Potch Bult area for several years and we had some hard times there. We moved to Nelson Mandela Drive in August 2009 and never looked back where we were, you cannot change the past but you can create the future…

A great opportunity knocked on our door in May 2016 and we were able to create our new and permanent offices in 17 Smit Street, Potchefstroom. As this is our property, GSD will hopefully not relocate ever again. 

Our values and our existence are only through hard work, integrity and passion of what we do and the people who we serve. Personal relationship with our clients and co-workers are a valuable part of WHO and WHAT we are.. 

We opened another branch in Secunda and afterwards decided to change our identity from GSD Potch to GSD GROUP as we introduced our new members. We have excellent personnel and skills to ensure top quality work. We are not co workers we are like family and that makes us who and what we are… We never look back, we only look forward as you cant change your past but surely your future..

We thank God Almighty for his blessings, without Him GSD Group would not have become what we are today.. 
God Bless all our personnel and all our clients…